Zaol Doctor’s Order

Stop and Regrow a Receding Hairline
with Zaol Edge Booster!!


Use it anywhere,
anytime to combat thinning,
receding hairline.

Use it anywhere,
anytime to combat thinning, receding hairline.


  • Zaol Edge Booster comes with Roll-On applicator for easy application that you can carry it anywhere in your bag or purse.

Zaol Edge Booster’s powerful effect
for reliving hair loss symptoms around hairline
with Zaol synergy booster ingredients
and wild cultivated ginseng content!

Ginseng Root Extract- 5~8 times higher saponin content than ginseng! Wild ginseng seeds that directly sowed in the mountains contain a high content of panaxatriol or diol saponins! This active ingredient called ginsenoside promotes the action of changing aging cells into new cells!

Zaol Doctor's Order
Edge Booster

Nutrition Balance of Hair Edge

Product : Zaol Doctor’s Order Edge Booster
Volume : 25ml / 0.8 fl. oz.
Size : 30 x 20 x 140mm (Box)
Expiry Date : 3 years before opening • 1 year after opening
R&D : ZAOL Germany GmbH, Manufacturer : ZAOL Co,. Ltd



    Step 1
    Use on the dry scalp after shampooing apply it.

    Step 2
    Use along the hairline 2~3 times a day to the part affected by hair loss.

    Step 3
    Wait until the Edge Booster fluid is completely absorbed into the scalp.

    Step 4
    Leave without rinsing.